Nutrition, Functional Medicine & TeleMedicine Provider in Charlottesville, VA

Telehealth is convenient and personalized health care without leaving your home. At Candid Apple: Nutrition & Functional Medicine, Kerri Rachelle, RDN, LDN, CSSD, and the elite registered dietitian nutritionists and functional medicine specialists go above and beyond in the telehealth space to make it easy for you to get to the root of your health issues, take steps to solve them, and reach an optimal state of wellness. While the office is based in Charlottesville, Virginia, telehealth visits are available in every state. Book your appointment through online scheduling or call the office today.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth? 

Telehealth is remote health care using advanced telecommunication technology. You can access telehealth through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you have an internet connection and any of these devices, you can schedule telehealth visits from any location that works for you (home, office, or even when you’re traveling). 


What services are available using telehealth?

Candid Apple: Nutrition & Functional Medicine offers telehealth founded upon functional medicine principles. 

Functional medicine focuses on the root causes of health problems and disease because you need to find the source of a problem to treat it properly. Otherwise, it’s just slapping a bandage over a problem to temporarily ease symptoms. 

You can get all aspects of functional medicine through telehealth, including:


Lab testing

Diagnostic lab testing includes options like breath, saliva, and blood tests that look much deeper than standard blood panels. 

The team has about 25 years of experience refining their health detective skills through these functional medicine tests, and they can arrange them through your telehealth visit. Tests are sent directly to your doorstep. Lab tests are available individually and in customized packages. 


Nutrition coaching and other health care

Functional medicine involves a more diverse approach than traditional Western medicine. The team reviews your lab testing results, answers questions in real time, and works with you to create a personalized treatment approach during telehealth visits. 

Because it’s root cause medicine, you’ll start within your body, usually with nutrition coaching. Alongside a personalized nutritional plan, the team recommends lifestyle changes, supplements, and other treatments based on your lab results and personal goals. 


Ongoing support

At Candid Apple: Nutrition & Functional Medicine, telehealth is a concierge service, which means you get premium care. This includes regularly scheduled visits with the team to discuss your progress and make changes to your nutrition and overall health plan as needed. If your goals change, the team is right there to help you reach those evolving targets.


How often are nutrition and functional medicine telehealth visits? 

One of the best features of telehealth at Candid Apple: Nutrition & Functional Medicine is the customizable concierge approach. The team can recommend a plan that’s right for you, with options for biweekly or monthly telehealth visits, along with weekly messaging with your providers.  


The virtual team at Candid Apple: Nutrition & Functional Medicine is nothing short of excellent. For personalized telehealth care, call the office or click online booking now.