Elevate Your Kitchen

Elevate Your Kitchen

In a world buzzing with indulgent temptations, transforming your kitchen into a hub of health and vitality might seem like a daunting task. But fear not! We're here to guide you through an empowering journey, helping you bid adieu to inflammation-causing culprits and usher in a vibrant, healthier version of yourself.

The Purge: Out With the Old, In With the New!

Picture this: a kitchen free of inflammation triggers, a sanctuary of wholesome goodness. 

Imagine this: you walk into your kitchen, and all the temptation-laden culprits – the beer, processed meats, sugary drinks, and store-bought dressings – bid you farewell. The pantry, once cluttered with artificial sweeteners, chips, canned soups, and all things sugary, now stands pristine, ready for a fresh start. A healthier YOU and more vibrant life is just around the corner with a bit of consistency. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Transformation: Step by Step

Step #1: Clear Out the Clutter

Pack up those enticing bread, pasta, and processed items. Donate them to a local food pantry and clear your space of anything that might derail your progress. Out of sight, out of mind – a mantra that truly works wonders.

Step #2: Store the Maybes

Some items might be off-limits for now but could return later. Box up foods like lentils, beans, and canned goods, and tuck them away. Creating distance helps maintain your focus on the nourishing path you've chosen.

Step #3: Stock Up on Quality Foods

Now that you've made room, fill your kitchen with nourishing choices. Think fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, eggs, nuts, fish, seafood, and natural oils like olive, coconut, and avocado. Remember, setting up your kitchen doesn't mean embarking on a wild goose chase for rare ingredients. Stick to the basics; they are the building blocks of a healthier you.

A Comprehensive Elimination List: Your Recipe for Success

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. We've compiled an extensive list to simplify your journey. Say goodbye to beer, biscotti, bread, and brownies. Bid adieu to canned soups, chips, and corn syrup. The list goes on, but the message is clear: eliminate the processed, the packaged, the artificial, and the sugary. Your vibrant, healthy kitchen awaits, and with it, a revitalized version of yourself!

Here is your comprehensive PITCH list:


Beer • Biscotti • Bread • Brownies • Brown rice syrup • Brown sugar • Buttermilk • Cheese • Cream cheese • Custard • Dips (store-purchased) • Energy drinks • Frozen meals • Ice cream • Imitation meat or seafood • Juice • Margarine • Marinades (check label for sugar) • Meatloaf • Processed Meats • Salad dressing (store-purchased made from industrial seed oils) • Soda (including diet sodas) • Soup (check label for unwanted ingredients like wheat and preservatives)


Agave syrup/nectar • Artificial Sweeteners like Aspartame (Equal/Nutrasweet) • Bagels • Baking mixes • Cake • Candy • Canned soups • Canola oil • Caramel • Cereal • Chips • Coconut sugar/nectar • Condensed milk • Cookies • Corn • Cornbread • Corn syrup (also high fructose corn syrup) • Corn oil • Cottonseed oil • Crackers • Cream of wheat • Crisco • Date sugar • Doughnuts • Evaporated cane juice • Evaporated milk • Grapeseed oil • Gravy • Grits • Jam • Jelly • Juice • Malt • Maple syrup • Matzo • Molasses • Muffins • Palm sugar • Panini • Pasta • Peanut butter • Peanut oil • Pie • Pizza • Rapadura sugar • Rapeseed oil • Rice crackers and noodles • Saccharin (Sweet N’ Low) • Safflower oil • Sandwiches • Scones • Seasoning/Seasoning Mixes • Sesame oil • Snack bars • Sorghum syrup • Soup (check label for unwanted ingredients like wheat) • Soy oil • Soy sauce • Sucralose (Splenda) • Sugar - all kinds, including artificial • Vegetable oil • Turbinado sugar • Wine • Yacon syrup

Good luck! Your vibrant, healthy kitchen awaits!