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Candid Apple

Nutrition and Functional Medicine

We keep things simple: You have a goal. We help you reach it. Our programs and mobile app keep you connected to your expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, matched for your exact needs to provide you with the personalized support you desire.

Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Candid Apple programs offer a holistic and personalized approach to enhancing your health and nutrition. 

You will be supported with bi-weekly video calls and unlimited in-app messaging support for improving your health and nutrition. We help you discover simple ways to personalize your diet, interpret health data, and provide nutritional and supplemental suggestions to achieve your goals, whether it's improved mental health, body composition, fertility, performance, gut health, cognitive focus, pediatric nutrition, and more.



Tier 1 Program: RDN Tips On-The-Go!


Unlimited in-app messaging with a Registered Dietitian




3 month commitment

Price: $/mo 

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Tier 2 Program: Nutrition Coaching


Initial on-boarding video appointment (60 min)

Bi-weekly follow up video sessions (25 min)

Unlimited in-app messaging with a Registered Dietitian




3 month commitment, then month to month

Price: $$/mo 

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Tier 3 Program: Functional Medicine & Nutrition Coaching


Lab testing every 3 months

Initial on-boarding video appointment (60 min)

Bi-weekly video check-ins (25 min)

Unlimited in-app messaging with a Registered Dietitian


6 month commitment, then month to month

Price: $$$/mo 

How It Works

1. Book a learn more call

2. Complete a simple intake form and 10 minute call to determine which option is best for you

3. Get access to the app & meet your practitioner in virtual session

4. Start your health journey with your practitioner

5. Stay connected with unlimited messaging & have confidence in your decisions wherever you go


6. Book your appointments (if included in your program) to stay on track and accountable!


We foster an ongoing relationship and advocate you to join our Preventative Health Model that empowers you to maintain optimal well-being. After your initial goals are met, we ensure you stay on track with the support of a dedicated health advocate by your side through regular monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual visits.

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Charlottesville's Nutritionist

Kerri Rachelle, RDN, LDN, CSSD

As the founder of Candid Apple, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Yoga and Fitness Professional, pursuing a PhD in Integrative Medicine, I’m honored to help you team with a perfectly matched Registered Dietitian to help you find impactful solutions to reach your goals! For nearly 20 years in clinical practice, I have been refining my "detective" skills utilizing an array of functional diagnostic labs to help clients find the root cause of their concern and now lead a team doing the exact same thing. Our team at Candid Apple is nothing short of excellent! We are so glad you are here!


What to Expect

Month 1: Using data and logs you've kept, we compile an assessment of your nutrition status, help you learn healthy nutrition basics for your specific goals, pinpoint priorities for your health, & kickstart your journey with simple, easy to incorporate changes that make a BIG difference.


Month 2: Start seeing major improvements in your health based on the actionable tips your dietitian provided and changes you have made.


Month 3: Meeting goals and building a long-term roadmap to maintain optimal health, leveraging your nutritionist for continued accountability & momentum towards your next priority.


For less than $3 a day, you can start making lasting changes for your lifestyle & achieve health goals!

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