PR from Candid Apple is very different. To start with, I've got over a decade of experience working right in the wedding industry, getting my hands dirty and actually 'doing it'. This gives me a huge insight that really works for my clients because I really know what weddings are all about.

I've written two books about weddings, won awards and I cut my PR teeth in the fast moving, competitive world of sports press. It's been quite a ride!

Add in the fact that I've been on the 'other side' too - writing hundreds of features about weddings for magazines & newspapers and appearing on TV & radio talking about weddings. I know what journalists are interested in and how to pitch businesses, individuals and stories to really get the interest levels rocketing.

I can do anything and everything to get people talking about you - press releases that really tell engaging stories, media monitoring and replying to journalists quickly & giving them all the information that they need on your behalf. I can create PR campaigns and calendars that either you or I can implement, I can work on little projects where you need a great press pack or a one-off hit of media interest. I don't just write puff pieces for clients and send out endless samples, I find the story and I tell it in the most effective way.

Recently, clients have appeared in The Times, The Daily Mail, the glossy mags, on radio across the country, been asked to contribute chapters to forthcoming books, speak at events and much more.

Editorial is incredibly powerful and with PR retainers starting from just £200 per month, I'm probably much more affordable, and much valuable, than you ever thought I would be.

I'd love to tell you more and to hear your story so get in touch with me today -