If you follow me on Twitter (and if not, consider yourself admonished!), you'll know that I'm very often saying how incredibly lucky I am to work with such a wonderful, talented and warmhearted group of wedding professionals. My clients/friends/lovely people I spend my days chatting with are absolutely the reason why I love my work so much. It's also beyond brilliant to know that they seem to quite like working with me too...

Like most small business owners, I am used to doing everything myself, so it is a big thing to hand over the vital task of writing words to express what your company is all about. Like a slow drip effect, I had heard Tamryn’s name pop up in conversation with industry friends for months, so when I decided that I needed help with words for my new website (coming soon!) it was a no brainer. From the first conversation, to the first draft, I felt like Tamryn really listened to me and ultimately came up with content that expresses me in a polished, upbeat manner. I will definitely be looking for more opportunities to work with Tamryn in the future, she’s given my business the boost it needed.
— Ceri Olofson, Olofson Design www.olofsondesign.com
Working with Tamryn, the wonderful Candid Apple or just good ol’ Mrs A to me, has been a breath of fresh air. Tamryn just gets my business and has really helped me to reach new audiences. Supportive, encouraging and always there for guidance, Tamryn is so much more than ‘PR’ for Coco Wedding Venues. Did I mention she’s pretty fabulous too?
— Emma Hla, Coco Wedding Venues www.cocoweddingvenues.co.uk
If there was one word to sum up working with Tamryn it would be ‘wonderful’ but other words could just as easily be friendly, efficient, supportive, focused, insightful and inspiring. Choosing to work with Tamryn has been the best business decision I made this year. She simply gets it, or should I say me, my business, goals and dreams.
I run my business with my partner Jim and we host yurt weddings around the country so during the hectic wedding season we are super busy and it is often hard to get online. It is invaluable knowing that Tamryn is looking after my p.r. and reassuring to be represented by someone with a wealth of wedding knowledge.
Tamryn also writes our press releases, blog posts and all the words for features after our styled shoots. She magically captures the atmosphere, the story and the beauty and writes the words to bring it all together. She has a great attitude and positive approach to everything. Quite frankly, she is awesome!
— Lizzie Jones, Wedding Yurts www.weddingyurts.co.uk
I honestly don’t really know how I managed before I found Tamryn at The Candid Apple. Blogging, web copy, social media...not my strongest point! Writing a new blogpost was not an enjoyable task, and trying to create amazing and memorable website content was a struggle. I wanted to be different and needed somebody who could inject creativity and sparkle into my brand. The services offered at The Candid Apple have been everything I had hoped for and more. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go without!
— Sophie Derry, Coco & Kate Atelier www.cocoandkate.co.uk