We live in a world where your clients often meet you online. They make snap judgements about you and your brand. Are you smart, savvy, stylish and all the things they're looking for? And how do they decide? By the words you write and the stories you tell...

And so you blog, you write websites and brochures and turn yourself inside out to dash off sparkling prose that sums you up, speaks volumes about your business and is also great to read, easy to share and uber engaging. At least that's what you know you should do. But, as with pretty much everything in life, doing what you know is good for you can be really tough.

So that's where I come in. Let me tell the stories of you and your business. Let my decade of wedding industry knowledge, experience of writing two books and hundreds of magazine and blog articles soothe your writing woes. 

Let's get together and plan a blog schedule and then just hand everything over to me and I'll do the rest. You get regularly updated, beautiful and relevant content without those moments of fear and frustration that leave you staring at the blank page or sobbing over your infrequently updated blog. Let's give your clients reasons to keep coming back and let's give them wonderful stories to read.

Of course, there are still brochures, newsletters, flyers and websites to write and they don't write themselves either. But never fear, I'm here to help so let's talk, outline and then I'll crack on leaving you to do what you do best - run your business and be generally amazing.

If you need someone to tell your story, drop me a line - it'll be the easiest thing you ever write