Success Is In The Trying

Oh dear blog, I have neglected you so badly but summer... well, summer was a speeding bullet of busy. And to be honest, early September was more crazy than ever because my son went to senior school.

Now, I've written about this fantastic place before and I have to say that now he's there, the school is even more amazing than I thought it could be. Son has made the jump to seniors without a care and that little jump up has made him take-off. He's flying already and I couldn't be happier.

You see, the school really gets the kids going - they're all about being curious, being independent and being brave. They want the kids to make mistakes because, as the Head said, you make mistakes when you're outside of your comfort zone and it's when you step beyond those cosy little barriers that you've created for yourself that the good stuff happens.

So, as we start (and please forgive me for saying this) the run towards Christmas and the New Year and we begin to think about what we've achieved this year and what we'd like to aim for next, remember that success isn't simple and different people use different measures. You're not the same as anyone else in any way, shape or form so why in heavens name would your success look the same as yours?

But mostly, look at whether or not you tried. Because if you did, you're already most of the way there...