Who Is Going To Stop Me?

Last week was a good one. Aside from the unbridled joy that finding a couple of skirts that fit me and also suit me brings, I also got to spend a lot of time talking to and being with some really fabulous women. Wonderful, amazing, inspiring and unstoppable women.

The word 'unstoppable' is simply beautiful to me right now. It conveys motion, movement, force, determination and an unceasing progression towards... Well, towards whatever you want and that, my friends, is the joy of it.

If you read Love My Dress, you'll know that it was Annabel's 40th birthday at the weekend and last Thursday, a group of truly unstoppable women gathered at The Rosewood Hotel in London to celebrate with her. What makes this cluster of creativity so fabulous (apart from the fact, as Miss Bush so rightly says in this brilliant blog, they're just damn cool), is that they are the epitome of what women in the workplace need from each other. 

We don't need to be hard-faced, grasping, climb-over-each-other-to-win women. We need to be supportive, we need to be honest, we need to give encouragement as freely as we give kisses at the end of e-mails. We need to be helpful, generous and loyal. I've got your back, you've got mine and between us, we can take on anything. We need to be unstoppable. Together.

Later in the week I met up with another client, a woman who I'm also proud to work with and support. She's also unstoppable (even if she doesn't quite know it yet) because she's passionate, stylish and she's got a super clear vision of what she wants and what she's not interested in. I love this too.

When I was a teenager, I was accused by a boyfriend that I was a feminist (mostly because I read Cosmopolitan at the time) as if this was somehow deeply unattractive. When I was at university, another girl told me that being so interested in sport just wasn't going to be appealing to men. Then, and now, I don't care one jot. I am who am I and as I too approach the 40th milestone, I am happy with this. I am more confident than ever before, fitter than ever before and more willing to stand up, move on and get on in my own sweet way than ever before. 

Through being surrounded by brilliant women, I am full of a belief that I didn't have during my callow twenties or even my eager-to-please-at-all-costs early thirties. I know where I am and who I am and I might just be unstoppable.

I would love it if you were unstoppable too.

Image via  www.favimages.net