The Must-Have Of The Season - Glitter...

Judging by my diary, my jeans and my inability to walk in heels, I've clearly not been f-rowing it at London Fashion Week (although, Miss Bush's updates on Facebook have been, let's face it, as good as being there). However, despite my distinct  lack of design credentials, I can tell you, good wedding folk of the world, what's going to be hot this season.


I can actually hear you tutting from here and muttering under your breath at my super slow uptake of this wedding trend. But, before you unfollow, unlike and block me forever for being so utterly hopeless, let me refer you to this...


People that sparkle are always the the best to be around. When someone loves their work, speaks with passion and acts with spirited intent, they are irresistible. But this quote by the sainted Roald Dahl goes deeper than that - it's about living a life that lights you up and it's about watching the world with a sense of wide-eyed wonder. 

Because being part of someone's wedding, being involved in such momentous occasion is not something that should dull you. Yes, yes, I know the mechanics of business can be dull - none of us got into this to do the invoicing or pay the VAT bill - but the weddings, the brides, the grooms, the families, the stories and the emotions are what set our businesses apart from the everyday workaday world so many of us left behind.

If you've involved with weddings, watching with glittering eyes should be the simplest thing in the world. It should be the way you recharge your batteries and redouble your efforts. When you see what's around you, you should see something special and be proud to be a part of it.

The full quote from the marvellous Mr Dahl reads... "and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places."

So, let your eyes glitter this autumn. And who knows what you'll find.