Start Before You're Ready

Maybe it's the feeling of my own increasing decrepitude that another imminent birthday brings. Or maybe it's the fact that my 'little boy' is now playing cricket for the under-13 team. Either way, this week, I'm determined to recapture my youth.

Before you panic/despair/call my Mum, I'm not going to be hiding under the duvet reading 'Forever' by torchlight, playing football with the boys in the playground or even holding hands with that unsuitable but irresistible school sports hero under the desk during chemistry. Oh no, I'm just going to do stuff. Right now. This moment. Before I'm ready...

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Remember when we were kids, we never waited for 'the right moment' or carefully weighed up the pros and cons before even thinking of taking the smallest step forward. Oh no, we rushed, headlong and happy into new things, screaming with delight and whooping joyfully at our own bravery and daring. Sometimes stuff worked out and sometimes it didn't but we tried, we learned and we didn't hold ourselves back.

But now, we wait. We procrastinate. We plan, we research, we discuss, we schedule and we diarise. I'm not saying these things aren't useful but they are not, they cannot ever be, more useful than actually doing stuff. All the preparation in the world doesn't guarantee success. That can only come with action.

I have learned that my stubborn streak, that part of me that relentlessly says 'go on, I dare you' in my ear when I consider something new is actually my best helper. Without it, I never would have completed marathons, written books, launched businesses and done all the other things that scared me witless at the time. Was I always utterly ready? No. Was I determined to do my best and see what I could push myself to? Absolutely.

You see, the problem with waiting for that far off perfect moment, that time in the future when the stars align, the angels sing and the moment becomes absolutely perfect, is that while you're waiting, like the demure kid sitting quietly at the front of the class, someone else is out there doing it, living it, being it and making it.

If you have even an inkling of an idea or a dream or a thought, stop delaying. Don't put it off to an unspecified ideal moment in the future when you think you'll be ready. Run at it. Chase it down and make the right moment right now.

Be a child again. If you want something, get on with it. You'll never be more ready than you are now.

And, if what you want is worth it, what on earth are you doing waiting?