One For My Son...

Apple Junior is at that interesting age of 12 where he's a child one moment and a gangly adolescent the next. He still doesn't care how he dresses and will still mouth 'I love you' at me across a crowded hall at school (he did this yesterday - I almost cried) and yet he's doing his own thing and becoming his own person in a way that I just love.

His current obsession is his YouTube channel. He loves it and spends so much time planning content, working on content and editing content that I'm amazed by his work ethic. A few weeks ago, we did a deal that when he hit 50 subscribers, I'd write him a blog post.

And so I am.

What has really struck me through his forays into the world of YouTube and social media is a) how switched on about it all he is and b) that he sees this new media razzamatazz as a valid career choice. Whilst I know that part of his excitement is down to youthful exuberance, I couldn't be prouder that my son is seeing career options beyond the usual school-uni-job route. And if he's doing it, there are obviously plenty of others that are doing it too.

I've always wondered what living with someone who spends their time up to their neck in the wedding industry pretty would do for him and now I know. It's given him options, choices and a wider frame of reference for careers and lifestyles than I ever could have hoped. He sees talented and driven people working for themselves and making a difference. He's exposed to relationships of every type, he understands how to treat people, he sees that working for yourself is brilliantly rewarding but also how much discipline it requires. He knows that there are many more ways to be creative than simply wielding a pencil in art class.

So, to Pip, I know I might sometimes rib you a bit for your determination to become a 'YouTuber' but I have no right to. You can do anything you set your mind to, you can make the life you want, you can dream big little one and you can do all of this because you are brilliant.

And to everyone else reading this post, the same goes for you too.