And That Was February Speeding By...

Ok, I admit to being totally freaked out by the fact that I'm writing another monthly review post so soon. It was just Christmas right? How can we be into March already? I feel like I'm living with a mild case of time-induced whiplash.

When I thought I'd better sit down and write this, I imagined I'd be struggling to fill the page without having to resort to  telling you about the month's more mundane lowlights and typing out my daily timesheets to make it prove that stuff actually happened. As it turns, out, it's been quite a busy 28 days and, should you care to spend a few minutes scrolling on downwards, I hope you'll agree that 2014 is continuing in a full-on fashion.

So as is my habit, and in the manner of an easy-reader with big pictures and few words for adults who might also be suffering with brain overload, here is my February...

Mr Apple and I cheekily headed off for a little break at the gorgeous Wellington Arms. Not far away but a hundred miles from the every day. It was a dream and I thoroughly recommend it.

I got completely hooked on the Winter Olympics and admit to getting the kids to pretend they're in the curling final when I want them to sweep the kitchen floor.

I also developed a new obsession - Agatha Christie. I've devoured two Marples already and am onto murder number 3.

Planning continues apace for our April trip to Normandy, using my Grandad's log-books to trace where we should go. Am continually talking Mr Apple down from letting the kids watch the first ten minutes of 'Saving Private Ryan' as holiday prep.

I got over-excited with my camera and new lens. Can't wait for Emily Quinton's Makelight 2 in a few weeks time to learn more.

I wrote over ten thousand words of client copy in February for brochures, websites, articles and more. Can't wait for you to share everything when it's all polished & looking beautiful.

February was a sporty month. Son and I played badminton A LOT, I added another hundred or so miles to my walking log and son became Captain of his school hockey team. Proud.

I survived half-term.

A few very interesting meetings were in the diary for February and a couple of very interesting projects have kicked off. Love the buzz of new things.

I had my recruit interview day for the RAF Reserves and all went really well. Next stop, medical and fitness test and, if all goes to plan, I'll be working with the Media Operations squadron. So excited about this amazing opportunity.

We celebrated the first anniversary of the arrival into our home of our beautiful Labrador.

I made and sent some Valentine's cards to some of my favourite people, just to tell them that I love that they love what they do. How can you fail to be inspired by being around such passionate, creative and committed professionals?

I wrote a couple of blog posts that absolutely seemed to hit the spot - one that was basically a kick in the pants to everyone and one explaining why you shouldn't work in the wedding industry.

I spent time with friends, I baked a lot and kept on with my diary and aims for 2014. Hurrah!

I did not get blown away in the wind or swept away in the floods.. Neither did our fences/trees/house so I am much luckier than thousands of people and I know it.

It was my adored son's 12th birthday. I made cake and indulged my penchant for craft and making all the pretty...

We all got into the party spirit with the photobooth (thanks to Perfect Wedding magazine for the printable prop downloads!)...

I baked more cake (pops) and crafted a bit more (very masculine) pretty...

And the birthday boy loved it!