Feeling Thankful?

via Pinterest
As my American friends get ready for their Thanksgiving celebrations tomorrow, it does seem like a good moment to, well, do nothing for a minute.

You see, this time of year is a crazy, busy, exciting and ever so slightly manic season. Clients getting ready for the new year, me getting ready to take a few weeks off over the holiday period, children in concerts, plays and sports matches, Christmas shopping, visiting family, hosting friends and let's not forget all the everyday stuff that still needs doing.

No wonder the days fly by and the weeks whiz past in a technicolour blur that borders on the downright scary.

So, this quote, sent to me by a friend in the US today, has really hit home. At a time when we're all pushing ourselves to get more done than is humanly possible in the waking/working hours we have, there are things that get missed.

Whilst I know I'm at risk of disappearing in a smog of schmaltz right now, it never does any harm to just stop for a moment and count the good things rather than always dwelling on the less than perfect. I know I'm not one to lecture righteously here as I'm as guilty as the next person for sometimes forgetting how bloomin' lucky I am but it is our ability to recognise the good things, to note the achievements and to give ourselves a pat on the back for the things we've done that keep us moving forward. If we can take heart from what we've already done, we can energise ourselves for the future and be more content with the present. Who wouldn't want that?

I'm off the put the kettle on, take five with a cuppa, give the dog a cuddle and eat a biscuit. It'll be good for me and I'm grateful for everything I have right now.

Especially the biscuit.