The Papergirls PR Masterclass - I'm Still Buzzing!

Welcome to The Papergirls PR Masterclass!
Just before I went on holiday, my phone rang and the really rather fabulous Abigail Warner was on the line, asking if I'd like to co-host The Papergirls PR Masterclass that was held at Cockpit Arts, London, on Thursday 5th September.

Now, I never need asking twice to try something new, work with great people and get out and about so of course, my answer to Abigail was "oh yes please!"

So, last Thursday found me playing commuter and heading to London in the sunshine for the workshop, clutching goodies, handouts, notes and more. And, it was a brilliant day with Abigail and fellow Papergirl, Lucy Ledger, gathering a great group of women together.

Firstly, Cockpit Arts is a great venue. Just walking to the light, cool room we'd be in for the day, you walk past all these amazing little workshops, full of designers, artists, craftspeople and creative geniuses. Frankly, I could have spent all day peeping through windows and seeing what was going on.

However, let's get down to the business at hand because we covered lots of ground. We talked PR basics, practicalities, ideas, case studies and peppered the conversation with tips, examples and lots of insider information. We discussed strategy, media outlets, hooks, research, social media, business stakeholders, events, new releases, pitches, toolkits, images and One Direction (yes, really!). It was great and, as someone who only got a D in GCSE Art, I was totally inspired (and slightly frustrated at my own inability to even draw a tree) by being around the wonderful designers and creatives that attended the day.

Abigail & Lucy had also invited some brilliant guest speakers for the afternoon session including Charley from London Bride and Helen from Cutture to give their take on business. So much to take in and so much to take away - I'm absolutely in awe of the things people achieve, the risks they take that pay off and the deep love that others have for their businesses. How can you not be fired up after such a great big injection of passion?

And do you know why workshops and sessions like this are, I think, quite essential sometimes? Well, aside from topping you up with ideas, getting you out from your own little business bubble and opening you up to different ideas and possibilities, you should never stop learning. Imagining that you know everything there is to know and you are perfect, infallible and so flipping wonderful that you can't possibly pick up anything new from anyone, is fatal.

But, happily, my Thursday was full of learning and brain-opening revelations and, judging by some of the messages I've received from those who were there since, I think everyone who attended took lots away from this wonderful day...

"Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and kindness. I learned so much!" 
Suzanne from Pretty Wild Design

"Thank you for today Tamryn. You were so inspiring and informative." 
Tamsin from Studio Seed

"Lovely to meet you today. Feeling very inspired... you've galvanised me into action!" 
Jo from Lovehair

Thanks so much to Abigail & Lucy for inviting me to be part of the day. I loved every minute of it. Can't wait to be a Papergirl again xx