Be A Bit Brave...

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A short post for a Sunday evening (who wants to concentrate too much tonight?) but I wanted to just share this little story and the quote on this image seems so appropriate.

When I started my wedding planning business a whole decade ago, I guess I was a little bit brave. I took that leap, I plunged on in and I didn't sink. Yes, sometimes the water was a bit choppy but I met marvellous people, I went to fabulous places and I got to do things I never thought I would do. Did I think I'd end up on TV? No. Did I think I'd win awards, publish books and be asked to be godparent to one of my bride's children? No. But I went with it, tried new things, pushed myself and it all paid off.

Sometimes, you just have to be brave.

But last night, I met up with a truly fabulous wedding professional. I've wanted to meet her for ages, I love her style, her personality and I was so excited to finally get together. And I wasn't disappointed - she was amazing, everything I thought she would be and more.

We were talking, chatting, about weddings, business and everything else and then, from her bag, she produces a copy of one of my old company brochures from 2007.

And this, she said, was what gave her the courage to believe in her business idea. If I was doing it, she could too.

I cannot begin to describe how this made me feel. Honoured, humble, happy and proud. So flipping proud that I'd given someone else a little boost of bravery that set them off on the road to something amazing. It's a remarkable feeling, something so incredibly special, something I want to bottle and keep forever.

So be brave. You'll never regret it.