Candid Apple is the brainchild of Tamryn Lawrence, a wedding professional with more than a decade in the industry.

"I am a total wedding junkie and I think that the amazing people that put together wonderful weddings every week in the UK really are something special. It's a real honour to work with such fabulous people and tell the world just how great they really are."

"I started out as a wedding planner in 2003 and grew my own business from nothing to a multi-award winning company working on hundreds of weddings a year. I wrote two books, I appeared on TV, I learned a lot about the power of words and the need to keep telling and retelling your story."

"After stepping back from the wedding frontline, I started to get approached by other businesses looking for advice and assistance and so Candid Apple was born. I've worked on rebrands, relaunches, huge projects and smaller jobs. Some people come to me for long-term engagement and others just need a short-term boost - I love both!"

"I'm beyond thrilled to be a features writer for the wonderful and multi-award winning Love My Dress. Annabel just 'gets' weddings and she's an absolute champion of talented businesses and individuals. I also get a huge kick out of writing blog posts and promotional copy for lots of other wedding professionals. Everyone is unique and everyone has such interesting things to share and brilliant stories to tell."

"It's always wonderful seeing your clients moving forwards and getting their message out there. It's a total buzz helping them through busy periods, times of change and exciting developments. I get to work with clients I love. What more could I ask?"